In 99th, your goal is to reach the finish line as fast as possible by avoiding the other cars. Hitting a car will slow you down, so try not to hit too many, because you will have to go past 98 of them! Press any key to switch lane.

follow the letters of the alphabet, use arrow keys to move. its a kids game

Im HTML5 Online Game American Hero wird scharf geschossen. Versuche keinen vorbei zu lassen und möglichst viele abzuschießen. Geschossen wird per Mausklick.

Dein Boss ist verschwunden. Seit gestern, kurz nach dem Experiment, wurde er nicht mehr gesehen. Was mag passiert sein? Sprich mit Deinen Kollegen und finde es heraus im HTML5 Online Game Unexpected Outcome.

Hilfe! In dem Biolabor ist ein furchtbarer Unfall passiert und nun ist das gesamte Labor verseucht. Du hast die Aufgabe, das Ganze in Ordnung zu bringen.

Upps das Bild Dino Snap fehlt.

Dino Snap

Take a trip 65 million years back to the age of the dinosaurs with Dino Snap! Dino Snap is a fast paced take on the snap game.

Upps das Bild Remiss fehlt.


Remiss is a multiplayer HTML5 memory game for both mobile and desktop.

Upps das Bild Go Vector Go! fehlt.

Go Vector Go!

Go Vector Go! is a simple puzzle game where you manipulate thrust, friction, slope and mass.

Upps das Bild Grabitty LITE fehlt.

Grabitty LITE

An action puzzle game, where you manipulate gravity with the push of a button. Your goal is to find the exit on each level.

Upps das Bild AirRun fehlt.


AirRun is an arcade game which consists of the stickman run as far as possible, to do this, using the arrow keys you have to blow up or down depending

Upps das Bild BubblePop World Tour! fehlt.

BubblePop World Tou

The World was under attack by giant bubbles. Save the world! Use arrow keys to move and space to shot.

Upps das Bild Zombie Survival fehlt.

Zombie Survival

A simple, addicting, highly polished and visually appealing zombie killing game.

Upps das Bild Slide Shot! fehlt.

Slide Shot!

Slide scrambled pieces of an image around in order to form the original.

Upps das Bild Memory Quest fehlt.

Memory Quest

Find all pairs in HTML5 Online Game Memeory Quest. A simple, highly polished and visually appealing memory matching game.

Upps das Bild 8-Bit Unleashed fehlt.

8-Bit Unleashed

This 8-bit desktop and mobile app/game lets you draw and share 8-bit drawings via Facebook / Twitter / virtually anywhere.

Upps das Bild 3D bricks (webgl) fehlt.

3D bricks (webgl)

Webgl version of bricks based on the legendary game arkanoid. Works best in chrome. Use arrow keys to move.

Upps das Bild Hammerdude fehlt.


Collect gold and outrun enemies in a constantly changing maze. A simple, fast-paced retro arcade game based on HTML5/Javascript.

Upps das Bild Multiplayer battleships fehlt.

Multiplayer battles

Classic old battleships game online with multiplayer!

Upps das Bild Red Rabbit fehlt.

Red Rabbit

This game is very funny. You must help Bugs Bunny.

Upps das Bild Tilt Blocks fehlt.

Tilt Blocks

Move all the colorful blocks in one direction, and blocks will move until hitting anything.

Upps das Bild Massive Multiplayer Snake Madness! fehlt.

Massive Multiplayer

A multiplayer take on the classic snake game. Use Arrow keys to steer your Snake – C to shoot and X to change direction.

Upps das Bild The Attack of the vex fehlt.

The Attack of the v

Hold down the mouse button to fire. Press the launch button to Destroy everything. Try to surive as long as you can.

Upps das Bild Kubizm fehlt.


Puzzle arcade game which presents 15 unique levels of varying difficulty!

Upps das Bild Mission MARS – Commando fehlt.

Mission MARS – Comm

Lead your Commando unit through enemies and reach the planet Mars. But maybe on Mars it is not the end yet.

Upps das Bild MATHQUEST fehlt.


Have fun, Click next when you think there is no more numbers that are divided by the number in the orange box.


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