Nein, das ist kein Sternenhimmel! In dem Online Game 3bored kämpfst du um dein Überleben. Du bist ein kleines Viereck und kannst fliegen. Panzer und Flugzeuge machen dir das Leben schwer, doch du kannst dich wehren!

Click on pairs of free tiles to clear the board.


In dem Online Game UBE kannst du wieder etwas für deine kleinen grauen Zellen tun. Das Spielprinzip ist eigentlich ganz einfach: Bringe den blauen Ball zum Ausgang (blauer Ring). Dazu stehen dir verschiedene Bewegungsmodi zur Verfügung.

A game where you have to predict where to jump next. Some blocks may fail you and air may not. Use arrow keys to move.

Finde unter den vielen Teenagern den richtigen heraus. Der eine hat einen Anruf bekommen, der nächste bekommt Besuch und Arzttermine stehen auch an. Du hast 10 Sekunden Zeit die richtige Person zu finden.

Upps das Bild Barff - Brain-Training fehlt.

Barff - Brain-Train

You have to listen to and repeat the sounds of farm animals. Collect stars for solved waves. Earn multiple bonuses for each flawless wave in a row.

Upps das Bild Platformer demo fehlt.

Platformer demo

Use arrow keys left and right to move and space to jump. Avoid the black birds and monster.

Upps das Bild Centripeball fehlt.


Click to release the red ball. Use mouse to control.

Upps das Bild Masake fehlt.


Help the snake reach the end of the maze without touching the walls in this meditative casual game. Use Mouse or Arrow Keys to move.

Upps das Bild Beauty Shop fehlt.

Beauty Shop

The Beauty Shop is a role playing skill based business game, in this game player owns a beauty shop and sells beauty products to customers, player has

Upps das Bild Candy Crash fehlt.

Candy Crash

-Click mouse or tap screen to move character to selected location -Collect candy to score points

Upps das Bild Dog Pee fehlt.

Dog Pee

Dog Pee is a simple peeing game where you kill your enemies with peeing.

Upps das Bild ZombieEscape fehlt.


Take your car and escape from the zombie outbreak, but be careful not to take too much damage, and not to run out of gas!

Upps das Bild Pathways fehlt.


A game where your objective is to prevent trucks from crashing into each other. Stop the trucks from crashing to gather points.

Upps das Bild Global Football Challenge fehlt.

Global Football Cha

Global Football Challenge - A casual finger tap (or click) game played to see, which kind of football can be kept in the air longer.

Upps das Bild Man Hole Man fehlt.

Man Hole Man

A sokoban esque puzzler where you play as a Man Hole Man, an over dedicated sewer worker, to save the city from its sewer dwelling monsters.

Upps das Bild Go! Go! Mechacat!! fehlt.

Go! Go! Mechacat!!

A simple game about a mechacat and his never ending quest for sweets. Click and hold down your mouse to prepare mechacat to jump.

Upps das Bild Outfit Swap fehlt.

Outfit Swap

Welcome to Outfit Swap, the game where you move up the social ladder by swapping outfits with people.

Upps das Bild Code Red fehlt.

Code Red

A marvellous HTML5 classic shooter featuring wonderful graphics and sound! Gain control of your ship and blast enemies by earning upgrades!

Upps das Bild Heist The Tower fehlt.

Heist The Tower

Steal as much money as you can before the FBI catches up with you.

Upps das Bild Goblins at the Gate fehlt.

Goblins at the Gate

Defend your castle against hordes of ankle-biting green goblins by hurling rocks from the walls and dumping boiling oil on their heads!

Upps das Bild Exitlight fehlt.


Explore the abandoned house with just a flashlight in this top-down puzzle / exploration game.

Upps das Bild SwissJass live fehlt.

SwissJass live

Multiplayer HTML5 Online Swiss-Card-Game. Control with mouse or touchscreen.

Upps das Bild Unitem fehlt.


Drag&Drop all same color pairs

Upps das Bild CC PLAY fehlt.


If you like history and puzzles? Check this and get a lot of information about german history. Control with mouse.


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