Upps das Bild Artifact of Mazes fehlt.

Artifact of Mazes


Your ship is lost in a three-dimensional maze. The only way out is to collect pieces of a strange artifact and fit them together. The game includes custom practice modes, a zoom-able overview map, help screens and full mouse/keyboard support.

Upps das Bild Lunax Mining Inc. fehlt.

Lunax Mining Inc.


Lunax Mining Inc. is a cool mining game inspired by other mining games. Your mission is simple: Mine minerals to earn money. Upgrade your equipment to dig deeper and find rarer ores. Use arrow keys to move and mouse to select.

Upps das Bild Green Hood fehlt.

Green Hood


Use the arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to fire.

Upps das Bild Candy Crash fehlt.

Candy Crash


-Click mouse or tap screen to move character to selected location
-Collect candy to score points
-Avoid touching zombies, bats and flying skulls to last as long as possible

Upps das Bild Outfit Swap fehlt.

Outfit Swap


Welcome to Outfit Swap, the game where you move up the social ladder by swapping outfits with people. President Connor has enacted the One-Man-One-Outfit policy, which outlaws people from changing outfits. However, you are dissatisfied as a Burger-Flipper in BcDonald’s and decide to rebel.

Upps das Bild Exitlight fehlt.



Explore the abandoned house with just a flashlight in this top-down puzzle / exploration game. Exitlight is family-friendly, intended as a challenging maze-style adventure. Collect loot, open boxes and chests, and find batteries to extend remaining seconds. Can you locate the keys and find the exit before time runs out?

Upps das Bild Denki Word Quest fehlt.

Denki Word Quest


Denki Word Quest is set in the highly-literate land of Wordor, where the player takes the role of Biblio (or Bib for short), our brave hero whose village has recently been turned to ruins by Pure Evil, the villainous monster that lurks high in a tower on the far side of the land.

Upps das Bild Soul Gambler – What is the price of your soul ? fehlt.

Soul Gambler – What is the price of your soul ?


What is the price of your Soul? Find the answer in Soul Gambler, a thrilling solo RPG adventure game shaped by your choices!

Upps das Bild Level Up fehlt.

Level Up


Level Up is a fun HTML5 based role playing adventure game where your goal is to fight monsters, find items, and level up! Use mouse to control the buttons.

Upps das Bild MineVenture fehlt.



This game is a mix of Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr. hits the meat ball and Quatermain does not find the exit. Every time you start the game, the level is generated from scratch. I mean the boulders where you can to move hand over hand along the stones. it’s frustrating, infuriating and leaves a spit against the monitor.

Upps das Bild Advanced Raycaster fehlt.

Advanced Raycaster


Escape the room. Cursor keys to move.
1-4 to set detail level (1 is highest)

Upps das Bild LABYRINTH fehlt.



Labyrinth is a game where you must solve mazes different each time:
Pick the key and go to exit, avoid the eyes!
Use the arrow keys to move around the maze.

Upps das Bild The Lost Wand fehlt.

The Lost Wand


Guide your character through 20 levels of the dungeon to reach your goal: obtaining The Lost Wand. You can exclusively use the mouse in the game but there are keyboard commands as well.
Here is what you’ll find.
Stairs – They will go up or down a level. Each floor is randomized, even going back up! (Enter key)

Upps das Bild My Little Miner fehlt.

My Little Miner


Find Stones as fast as you can.

Upps das Bild LEXX: Battle with Mantridom fehlt.

LEXX: Battle with Mantridom


Game based on the second season of fiction television series LEXX. Laekka appears on the Lexx. She convinces Stan and Kay to help her deal with Mantridom. In Laekki good appetite, and Stan is forced to send Lexx planet protein food.

Upps das Bild Lost in the Dark fehlt.

Lost in the Dark


Collect all Gold in the Dark. Use arrow keys to move.

Upps das Bild RPG MO fehlt.



A classic RPG. Go wandering, download hero, fighting trade as usual. Use mouse to contol.

Upps das Bild Digger fehlt.



This is a retro game from 1988. It was develloped for the east german computer KC85. It’s a boulder dash like game. You are a little man and must collect diamonds.

Upps das Bild Z-Tech fehlt.



Z-Tech is a free HTML5 puzzle-platformer in a scy-fi universe. Use arrow keys to move and space to fly.

Upps das Bild Dead Valley fehlt.

Dead Valley


Escape from Zombie-infested Dead Valley in this HTML5 Grand Theft Auto style Game.


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