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Upps das Bild Go Vector Go! fehlt.

Go Vector Go!


Go Vector Go! is a simple puzzle game where you manipulate thrust, friction, slope and mass. Your goal in each level is to collect all stars, avoid colliding with any traps, and stopping at all goal zones.

Upps das Bild Tilt Blocks fehlt.

Tilt Blocks


Move all the colorful blocks in one direction, and blocks will move until hitting anything. Make use of obstacles to make blocks come together and eliminate them within limited moves!

Upps das Bild MATHQUEST fehlt.



Have fun, Click next when you think there is no more numbers that are divided by the number in the orange box.

Upps das Bild Ozzle fehlt.



Your goal is to rotate and slide balls finally matching the pattern on each level. Unlock groups of increasingly harder levels by collecting stars. If you've ever caught yourself playing Tetris, Unblock Me or the Rubik's Cube for hours, you'll definitely love Ozzle!

Upps das Bild Tomorrow and Yesterday fehlt.

Tomorrow and Yesterday


Tomorrow and Yesterday is a time travel puzzle game. If you want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now and just play the game. Tomorrow and Yesterday is an extremely difficult puzzle game. Luckily there are some tools to help you. Aside from arrow keys to move, R resets the level. The reset button will become your best friend.

Upps das Bild Pick to Win fehlt.

Pick to Win


Touch or click on gems to find the real ones. Find 5 real gems scattered among the fakes. Get bonus money for combos and other moves. Who can get the highest score?

Upps das Bild pentapuzzle fehlt.



Strain your brain to solve levels with pentamino blocks.

Upps das Bild Simply Sudoku  fehlt.

Simply Sudoku


Simply Sudoku brings natural drag and drop gameplay to this classic game enjoyed by millions all over the world. Unlimited Puzzles! With each game generated on the fly by our Sudoku Engine, you’ll simply never run out of games to play!

Upps das Bild Brain Challenge – Maths Edition fehlt.

Brain Challenge – Maths Edition


Get your static brain moving! Develop your brain IQ with fun math games tests. Want to know how smart you are? Let’s play and enjoy the fun! Players are required to choose the correct math symbol to complete the game.

Upps das Bild Lasermania fehlt.



The HTML5 Online Game Lasermania is a remake of an old 8bit Atari game. Check your Top Secret Message.

Upps das Bild Build a Snowman fehlt.

Build a Snowman


Build a Snowman is a logical game where you have to split 2 parts of snowman ’s body into one. Some subjects will help you with your task or complicate it. So let´s test your brain!

Upps das Bild The Gong fehlt.

The Gong


The action is placed in medieval China, where you must save the village from a night attack of the fearsome Mongols. Use the clever gong-warning system to alert the guards about the upcoming danger.

Upps das Bild Fifteen Puzzle fehlt.

Fifteen Puzzle


The FifteenPuzzle is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. The object is to arrange all tiles in numerical order, left to right, starting with the top row. Try to solve the puzzle in the least amount of moves and minimum time for best results.

Upps das Bild Morph Worlds fehlt.

Morph Worlds


Controls: Mouse - player movements, Escape - Exit to menu/exit game, R - restart level.

Upps das Bild TypeRain fehlt.



The good old typing game that you must have played when you were little. Just type the word and survive as long as you can! Specials (words in red) will give you an item you can use later when you need them. Use number keys (1-6) on the keyboard to use items.

Upps das Bild HTML5 Laser Puzzle fehlt.

HTML5 Laser Puzzle


To solve the puzzle, you have to guide the lasers through to the right sensors.

Upps das Bild Ant Destroyer fehlt.

Ant Destroyer


Click or touch the blue arrows to move your lady bug. You can go diagonally however the ants cannot. Make the ants collide with each other and they will begin to fight. Once all ants are caught in a fight you win the level.

Upps das Bild Wordsearch fehlt.



For all riddle lovers. Find all words, you've got 6 minutes.

Upps das Bild Spells fehlt.



SPELLS is a HTML 5 game in which you have to find spells by combining knowledge and other spells. Every successful combination appear in the “Book Of Spells” and become available for combining as well.

Upps das Bild Chickaban fehlt.



Put every chickens to a nest – but be careful, you can only push them, so if you place a chicken into a corner, you get stucked. You can move only one chicken at a time. The game contains 20 brain teasing levels from very easy to disturbingly hard.


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