Upps das Bild Kiba and Kumba – Jungle Chaos fehlt.

Kiba and Kumba – Jungle Chaos


Kumbas nemesis Dr. Slipp van Ice is back and kidnapped all jungle-animals. You need to help Kiba and Kumba on a breathtaking Jump & Run-journey through four worlds full of dangers!Kiba & Kumba – Jungle Chaos is a great Mario-style plattform-adventure! Have fun!

Upps das Bild Leo The Cat fehlt.

Leo The Cat


Adventures of Leo is a platform game. You can kill the enemies by either jumping on the or using the spining attack, but be careful some enemies are immune to the jump or the spin attack and some can not be destroyed at all and you have to avoid them. You cannot use the spin attack while walking.

Upps das Bild R.U.Nuts fehlt.



Help Woody, the Flying Squirrel, to go as far as possible in this awesome and colorful world. Try to fly from Nuts to Nuts, and jump on Clouds to reach the highest distance ever traveled by a squirrel. Just Click with your mouse on the screen to go down then bounce on clouds or turn around nuts.

Upps das Bild Pop fehlt.



Pop is a book character, made of paper. One day, he decide to leave his home for discover Paperland, the paper world.

Upps das Bild viko fehlt.



Use arrow keys to move and ctrl to attack.

Upps das Bild Mario e la Miniera d’Oro fehlt.

Mario e la Miniera d’Oro


Help Mario to retrieve all of the gold bullion in the mine. Full Game. Freeware!!! Keys : Space / Left / Right or use your mouse and click on the icons.

Upps das Bild Penelope's Revenge fehlt.

Penelope's Revenge


Arrow keys control her movement, space bar makes her jump and the control key whacks things with her hammer.

Upps das Bild Rooftops fehlt.



Run as long as possible without falling, and try to avoid obstacles! Use space or mouse to jump.

Upps das Bild My Irrational Fear of Unicorns fehlt.

My Irrational Fear of Unicorns


My Irrational Fear of Unicorns is a 2D Adventure game which takes you on a journey in my shoes. My shoes being a tiny blue pixel on your screen, you see, the whole game uses a mixture of Retro-style graphics, while not retaining the mundaneness and limitations of classic games.

Upps das Bild Avalanche Remake fehlt.

Avalanche Remake


Classic Jump ‘n’ Run Fun! Play this remake of Avalanche and try to beat the highscore! Climb for coins to get all powerups!
Control with WASD or arrow keys. Use powerup with space.

Upps das Bild Platformer demo fehlt.

Platformer demo


Use arrow keys left and right to move and space to jump. Avoid the black birds and monster.

Upps das Bild Dreaming of Moon fehlt.

Dreaming of Moon


Make pinguin’s dream come true: Get to the moon!
Use Arrow keys or WASD to move and jump. Press Space to create ice bridge. Hold Space to create ice cloud.

Upps das Bild Mission fehlt.



“Mission” is a video game that tells the stories of 4 men from The Ottawa Mission, a homeless shelter in Ottawa . The character designs, item art, words were all created by the 4 men whose journeys you are about to experience.

Upps das Bild Bibz fehlt.



Bibz is 2d platform ‘brawler’, like classic mario meets smash bros, but with a very unique art style. All level and character artwork has been done by 120 different kids from around the world: US, Canada, Ethiopia, and Australia. Between levels are quiz question about international development, geography and more.

Upps das Bild SUPERJACK fehlt.



On NaaN, a planet in a faraway galaxy, life was just wonderful for Jack and Tiara, they had fun the whole time. Until the day Tiara was hijacked by the Goons, an army mixed of robots and insectoids. Go with charming Jack, explore the world of NaaN and battle the way through 25 levels to rescue his loved girlfriend.

Upps das Bild LADYBUG fehlt.



Guide Ladybug through an exciting adventure and… beware of spiders!

Upps das Bild Empty Black fehlt.

Empty Black


Fire a few bullets to stun an enemy, then close in and stab them to death with your sword. Fire a rocket from a distance and blow an enemy off a ledge. Deftly jump from a wall to a collapsing pile of crates to another wall, then drop down in a surprise attack.

Upps das Bild the island fehlt.

the island


An adventure game where you are left alone on an island and now you have to escape out of the island.

Upps das Bild Crabe Game fehlt.

Crabe Game


Crabe Game is a short adventure in which you are controlling a crab across the level, and shoot at octopuses.
Controls: Move : arrow keys, Jump : X, Shoot : C

Upps das Bild Sour realm minds fehlt.

Sour realm minds


Find the portal. use arrow keys to move, z and x


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