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Upps das Bild Dino Snap fehlt.

Dino Snap


Take a trip 65 million years back to the age of the dinosaurs with Dino Snap! Dino Snap is a fast paced take on the snap game. Simply drag your card onto pile and be the first to hit your button when you see a snap, else you’ll face extinction. Play against the computer or with up to 3 friends for group dino snapping action.

Upps das Bild Remiss fehlt.



Remiss is a multiplayer HTML5 memory game for both mobile and desktop.

Upps das Bild Memory Quest fehlt.

Memory Quest


Find all pairs in HTML5 Online Game Memeory Quest. A simple, highly polished and visually appealing memory matching game. You must flip over tiles in order to match and remove them from the screen. Try to beat it as fast as you can!

Upps das Bild Multiplayer free online poker in HTML5 fehlt.

Multiplayer free online poker in HTML5


Online multiplayer poker for modern browsers. Websockets, html5 animations, one click social login…

Upps das Bild SwissJass live fehlt.

SwissJass live


Multiplayer HTML5 Online Swiss-Card-Game. Control with mouse or touchscreen.

Upps das Bild Twins Match-Up fehlt.

Twins Match-Up


Find all pairs. Control with mouse or touchscreen.

Upps das Bild Spooky Memory fehlt.

Spooky Memory


Find many pairs as fast as you can. Control with mouse or touchscreen.

Upps das Bild Texas Hold Em Poker – fehlt.

Texas Hold Em Poker –


Learn poker, or sharpen your skills with this fun app. Beautifully simple, fast playing, small app footprint.
No registration. No login required!
This app will provide you with many hours of fun Texas Hold Em Poker!

Upps das Bild NetSolitaire fehlt.



Play Klondike, FreeCell, Spider and many other solitaire card games online for free in your desktop or tablet browser!

Upps das Bild Pair Panic fehlt.

Pair Panic


Click the mouse on the big red play button.
Then follow the mini-tutorial.
Then simply click on stuff with the mouse.

Upps das Bild CardMemory Puzzle fehlt.

CardMemory Puzzle


Remember the card game to pick a card game.
Within the time limit will clear all the cards you pick.

Upps das Bild Memory match game fehlt.

Memory match game


Test your memory, improve your concentration. Match all the cards and go to the next level.

Upps das Bild Golden Chips fehlt.

Golden Chips


Golden Chips is the simple yet addictive memory puzzle game. Players are given 30 seconds to find as many identical pairs as they could.

Upps das Bild Memoria Sobral Teste fehlt.

Memoria Sobral Teste


Find all pairs in this game. Use mouse to click cards.

Upps das Bild Who's knocking the door? fehlt.

Who's knocking the door?


Can you find the pairs behind the doors in this memory game?

Upps das Bild Memory Bug fehlt.

Memory Bug


A new spin on a classic memory match game.

The goal of the game is to remove all cards from the board by finding matching pairs. When you first start a level you will receive a quick look at all the cards before they are turned over. But be careful, if you take too long the cards may get shuffled!

Upps das Bild Science Memo fehlt.

Science Memo


Science Memo is a classical "find the pairs game" in HTML5. You have to find all pairs as fast as possible. A good memory is, of curse, very helpful. Remember the position of every fliped card and find the pair.

Upps das Bild Memory Card Game fehlt.

Memory Card Game


Nutze die Zeit und bringe Ordnung in Dein Bürochaos. Finde alle Kartenpaare so schnell Du kannst. Decke im HTML5 Online Game die einzelnen Karten per Mausklick auf.

Upps das Bild Memory fehlt.



Wie gut ist Dein Gedächtnis? Teste es aus und spiele gegen einen Freund, gegen den Computer oder gerne auch alleine, im HTML5 Online Game Memory. Klicke per Touchscreen oder mit der Maus die verschiedenen Karten an und finde so viele Paare wie möglich.

Upps das Bild Memory Match Tutorial fehlt.

Memory Match Tutorial


Trainiere Dein Gedächtnis und spiele eine Runde Memory. Finde unter den Karten jeweils 2 gleiche Motive. Je weniger Versuche, um so besser. Das HTML5 Online Game Memory Match Tutorial wird mit der Maus gesteuert.


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