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Du möchtes nur ganz bestimmte Spiele sehen? Zum Beispiel nur Spiele die zu einer bestimmten Kategorie gehören und in deinem Browser funktionieren? Kein Problem! Hier kannst du dir deine ganze persönliche Spieleauswahl zusammenklicken. Wähle einfach die gewünschten Optionen aus und klicke auf "Anwenden". Du kannst natürlich auch mehrere Optionen auswählen.

Upps das Bild Dino Snap fehlt.

Dino Snap


Take a trip 65 million years back to the age of the dinosaurs with Dino Snap! Dino Snap is a fast paced take on the snap game. Simply drag your card onto pile and be the first to hit your button when you see a snap, else you’ll face extinction. Play against the computer or with up to 3 friends for group dino snapping action.

Upps das Bild Remiss fehlt.



Remiss is a multiplayer HTML5 memory game for both mobile and desktop.

Upps das Bild Go Vector Go! fehlt.

Go Vector Go!


Go Vector Go! is a simple puzzle game where you manipulate thrust, friction, slope and mass. Your goal in each level is to collect all stars, avoid colliding with any traps, and stopping at all goal zones.

Upps das Bild Grabitty LITE fehlt.

Grabitty LITE


An action puzzle game, where you manipulate gravity with the push of a button. Your goal is to find the exit on each level. Has 40 levels – and they are HARD.

Upps das Bild AirRun fehlt.



AirRun is an arcade game which consists of the stickman run as far as possible, to do this, using the arrow keys you have to blow up or down depending on the stickman possizione of the bars on which it can run. Enjoy YourSelf EYS.

Upps das Bild BubblePop World Tour! fehlt.

BubblePop World Tour!


The World was under attack by giant bubbles. Save the world! Use arrow keys to move and space to shot.

Upps das Bild Zombie Survival fehlt.

Zombie Survival


A simple, addicting, highly polished and visually appealing zombie killing game. You must drop bombs onto zombies to prevent them from breaking through the barricade. Try to survive as long as you can!

Upps das Bild Slide Shot! fehlt.

Slide Shot!


Slide scrambled pieces of an image around in order to form the original. Tools are present to help you master each image and complete it as fast as possible.

Upps das Bild Memory Quest fehlt.

Memory Quest


Find all pairs in HTML5 Online Game Memeory Quest. A simple, highly polished and visually appealing memory matching game. You must flip over tiles in order to match and remove them from the screen. Try to beat it as fast as you can!

Upps das Bild 8-Bit Unleashed fehlt.

8-Bit Unleashed


This 8-bit desktop and mobile app/game lets you draw and share 8-bit drawings via Facebook / Twitter / virtually anywhere. This game works great on desktop and mobile devices, so you will have a great 8-bit drawing experience regardless of the device you use.